Speed Ramps / Flow Plates / Safety Mirrors


Speed Ramps

A highly effective method of controlling the movement of vehicles where excessive speed could pose a danger. The smoothly curved profile dictates a 10-mph control speed, yet avoids the possibility of damage to low slung vehicles. Any length of ramp can be formed by simply joining together the tough 500mm wide yellow and black sections. Semi circular tapered ends neatly complete the installation. Fixing bolts are used to make sure of a good fitting to the road. It is highly recommended that speed limit signs be fitted to each speed ramp.


Convex Safety Mirrors

A quality glass mirror, bonded to a glass fibre backing, this produces a sturdy shatterproof mirror with a bright coloured trim, easy to install using a metal claw fitting and extension arms for maximum adjustment. Wide angle convex mirrors are designed to overcome the problems of limited visibility by literally helping drivers and pedestrians to see round corners. Should you require any further help then please contact our sales team.

Surface Flow Plates

Traffic Flow Plates

These can be used in any location that requires directional traffic control. They can be installed into the ground or surface mounted onto tarmac or concrete

Please contact us for more information and/or to tailor a package for your individual needs.