Parking and Ram Raider posts

Anti Ram Raid Post

Anti Ram Raid Posts:

Specialists in the distribution and fitting of this product This extremely strong post is very effective in protecting warehouses, shops, stores and property against Ram-Raiders. It has been approved by both police and local government authorities and recommended by insurance company's.


Telescopic Traffic Stopper:

This post is designed for ease of operation, having the padlock situated at the top of the post and not the base.

Telescopic Mole Post Img

Telescopic Mole Post:

The Mole Post is a low cost solution for providing effective security for a variety of applications, garage forecourts, drives and car parks. It can also be used for site demarcation i.e. cordoning off areas. The post is designed to retract into the ground when not in use; it is manually raised into its protecting position and secured by means of a padlock (not supplied) at the base.

Standfast Parking Post

Standfast Parking Post:

This fold down post is ideal for use on driveways where vehicles are parked outside of the property. Installing access prevention bollards or posts will help to protect your vehicles from being targeted. This is an inexpensive way to protect your driveway and deter would thieves. In comparison to the cost of your vehicle and the disruption a theft may cause, security measures are a small price to pay.

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